Monday, April 14, 2014

Digital Footprints

Did you know digital footprints are all the tools we use online? Mine are ABCya, Kidblog, Blogger, Wikispaces, Instagram and all the apps on the iPods. -Cole

Today we looked at Ms. Clarke's digital footprint by searching her name on Google. Then she searched me, Carter, Jackson, Gavin, Karys, and Dylan R. We found that I was on the internet for skating, Carter was on the front page of a magazine for fishing, Jackson was in a catalog, Karys was on 200 Awesome Days, and Dylan R and Gavin were on for hockey. -Cali

Don't put bad stuff on the internet because if you do, if you are trying to get a job, the boss is going to look up your name and see what you posted. When you are little, don 't put your last name if you're writing a blog. -Maddy

Don't put personal information online. Post appropriate pictures. Be kind to other people. Don't post any pictures of other people if they don't want. -Dylan R

Tell the truth when you post stuff. -Dylan W

Today we had an amazing conversation about the different things that we do on-line from the apps we use to blogging to Instagram to Google. The kids of Room 9 know a lot about the tools they use, the ways they share their learning, and how to connect with others in a safe and responsible way.

On April 16 & 17 I will be away from our classroom attending and presenting at the Manitoba Teachers Society Conference on Technology called "Awakening Possibilities". On Wednesday evening I will be doing an IGNITE talk called "Little Feet, Big Footprints: Builing a positive digital footprint with young children". (Ignite talks are 5 minute presentations where the presenter gets 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds). Today the Kids of Room 9 helped me to get my thoughts together for the presentation and to take some pictures for my slides. Here are a couple of screen shots from my presentation... These are some of the "rules" we follow when posting things online together in order to create a positive digital footprint. -Ms. Clarke

Friday, March 28, 2014

See you later!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring Break! We are so excited! One of our teachers is leaving so we made him a book. His name is Mr. Sobie. He is our substitute gym teacher. -Dylan W

We said goodbye to Mr. Lapage. He is our student teacher and we made him a book. We will see him in a month. I can't wait to see him because then we can read together. I miss him already. -Cole

Today we had a little party since it's the day before Spring Break. We made pita pockets and I put cheese and pretzels in mine. We got ice cream after. There were two kinds - cookies and cream and vanilla. I picked vanilla. -Karys

I made a picture for Mr. Lapage and Mr. Sobie. For Mr. Sobie's picture I had to miss a little bit of recess. -Jackson

I hope that everyone has a safe and relaxing Spring Break! Many of the children in our class are travelling to warmer places... I hope that they bring some sunshine back with them! -Ms. Clarke

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kids in the Kitchen - Cooking in Room 9!

We got our own personal cookbooks so then we started making things like lemonade, bugs on a log, smoothies, and yogurt pops. We're making bannock today. -Jonathan

We are cooking because we are learning about growing up healthy. The food groups we have been learning about are Grain Products, Milk Products, Meat and Alternatives, and Fruits and Vegetables. -Carter

Yesterday we made Yogurt Pops and I got to cut the bananas. We have groups that we're in. -Nick

You have to wash your hands befor you do anything. You have to put everything in the garbage that's garbage. You have to wash all the fruits and veggies before you use them. Don't put your hands in your mouth or touch your face. -Cole

We need to wear an apron when we cook just in case we get stuff on us. When it was the boys group turn, we were making smoothies, and when me and Gavin made our smoothies, our smoothie tipped over and spilled all over the place. My apron saved me. -Matt D

When your group is done making the food, two people have to go and wash the dishes. Each group takes turns and if you are washing a cup, you have to get the cloth in the cup. -Sofia

Here is our favourite recipe so far: Yogurt Pops
1. Take a big container of yogurt and put it in the blender.
2. Chop up 2 bananas, and put them in too.
3. Then put a tablespoon of honey in too.
4. Then blend it up.
5. Then pour it into Dixie cups, cover them with tin foil, and stick a popsicle stick in the cup.
6. Freeze them over night.
7. Enjoy!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Duct Tape Boats!

At the beginning of March we started to build Duct Tape Boats. First we watched a video of Myth Busters. They made a sailboat only using Duct Tape and metal bars. Here it is:

Then we watched another video and then we started to plan. We had to draw a picture with our group on a practice piece of paper. Then we picked an animal to ride in our boat. Then we started to build our boat the next week. -Cole

First we build the frame. Then we covered them in duct tape. Then we put a sail or a propeller on them. Then we put fancy duct tape on them. We could only use cardboard, popsicle sticks, wire, a rubber band, duct tape, pipe cleaners, skewers, and hot glue. -Jonathan

We tested our boats after we were done everything. One of the boats had a leak. We tested them in our water table. We are going to put them in the puddles when all the snow melts. -Dylan W

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Olympics!

We first read a story about the Olympics. The story was called Magic Tree House Hour of the Olympics. There's two kids named Jack and Annie and there's this magic treehouse that just randomly got there. They went in it and there was this librarian. After 4 missions they got thier library cards. They went on thier fourth mission and appeared to ancient Greece. There's like this spear throwing (javelin), and a horse riding one (chariots). Jack could participate but there was no girls allowed in any of the olympic sports. Annie could not go. -Dylan R

Annie dressed up as a soldier so she could go see the Olympics. There were some men and they had to run in medal things. -Matt G

There were boys that dressed up as girls when they were acting. Annie was waving at Jack when she was dressed up as a boy. -Nick

In the computer lab we were talking about the Olympics. On our wiki Ms. Clarke added a new thing that was about the Olympics. There were three websites:

Canadian Olympic Team
Sochi 2014
Sochi 2014 Mascots

 There was one where you could go on it and look at all the countries and look at some people who are going to the Olympics. The mascots one you could press on them and they would have a little video. -Maddy

While we were in the computer lab, I was looking at the Canadian Olympic Team. I was searching Patrick Chan. I found out how old he was, where he was born, and a whole bunch of other stuff. -Cali

On the mascots one the little video was in Russian. At the bottom, the words were in English. -Kayla

In the Olympics, they have a torch relay. They run around lighting everybody's other torches. They're taking it all over Russia. -Dylan W

Instead of reading the words at the bottom, I couldn't really read them because it looked like a bunch of letters connected. So I just watched the video, and I could understand it without reading the words. -Jonathan

Ms. Clarke's friend's niece was a torch bearer. She got to run with the torch when it was in Winnipeg in 2010. -Cole

Friday, January 24, 2014


Today my Dad came to read a book to the class and I helped him read it. The book was called "!".
I like the book that Karys' Dad read because it was about an exclamation mark who tried to be like a period, but then a question mark came and asked a bunch of questions to the exclamation mark. -Cole

For the pictures, they did these little circles and then put faces in them for the periods and stuff. So it looked cute. -Maddy

Yesterday me and Nick were partners for skip counting. When we were done practising we showed the kids in the classroom on the carpet. -Claire

I got to hold the other end of the skipping rope for jumping back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. At the end my hair went flung! -Danika

There were 5 moves to a partner when we were counting by 2s. It was tricky. My partner was Danika. -Matt G

We counted by 10s, 5s, 3s and 2s. Then we had to jump over the rope and say 10, 20, 30 to 100. -Nick

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Neurons and Other Stuff!

On Tuesday Ms. Clarke downloaded an app on the iPad and it's called The Adventures of Ned the Neuron. It's a video story thing and we listened to it. Ned goes and he gets invited to work in the brain. Then he decides to go teach himself how to do the computer thing. Then he started pushing a bunch of buttons and it didn't work. The neuron beside him said "Let's start this thing up!" He was trying to make Sofie do a cartwheel. He pressed a button to make her run and she stepped on a rock. Then he went to the spinal cord and talked to other neurons. Spike was flashing with electricity because Sofie was hurt and he senses pain. Then they went back up to the brain. There were funny little neurons and they all worked for different parts of the body. They found out she stepped on something pokey and it turned out to be a rock. Then they went to the eye. Ms. Clarke tilted the iPad to find shoes instead of her going inside. Ned wanted her to stay outside and do cartwheels. In the end she put on the shoes and did cartwheels. -Cali

Here is a picture of the app:

Today Ms. Clarke brought new books and the class had to pick one of the books and read some of it. They were really good books. We got Lulu and the Brontosaurus, and there was a book about Flat Stanley. There were Mercy Watson books and you had to pick a just right book for you. -Ashten

I read The Line. It was pretty easy because the first page didn't have words, the second page didn't have words, and the third page didn't have words. It was a book that had no words! It was about someone's brother tricking their sister about the line and the line kept moving into funny shapes. Once the brother even drew a monster on the wall trying to eat his sister. At the end of the book it shows that the brother was just drawing a line. Me and Mr. Lapage, Claire, Jackson, Gabby and Nick started a new Mercy Watson book. -Cole

Me and Matt D were reading a Mercy Watson book and it was funny. In the book, on the first page, there was a picture of a nice yummy breakfast. -Nick

The book that I read was like a book that you could choose your own path. Mine was called Monsters in the Deep Sea. Once you get to a certain page, it'll say like "go to page 14 if you want to follow the baracuda or go to page 40 if you want to follow the mermaid." At the start it said "This book isn't like any other book you've ever read." -Jonathan

I read a Mercy Watson and they were new books so we weren't allowed to have them in our book boxes yet. Ms. Clarke said in a week we could have them in our book boxes. In the Mercy Watson book this robber wanted to be a cowboy but he was a theif. Mercy got up because she thought he was making toast but he was stealing the toaster. Mercy fell asleep by the door. He had to go over her to get to the door. Then she woke up and he was riding her all over the yard! -Madeline

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So far this week...

We had to skip count by 10s, 5s, 2s, and 3s. The 3s one was the hardest because it was going down on an angle. Then we had to count backwards from 100 by 2s. -Nick
We were doing math today and we had to get up and do so many different patterns with our body parts. Wanna try it? ;) Here's what we did:
1. We were counting normally then it got kind of boring.
2. So when we were counting, every time we hit a 2 (a number we would say if we counted by 2s), we put our right hand up.
3. Every time we hit a 5, we put our left hand up.
4. Every time we hit a 10, then we jumped.
5. Then we had to do a pattern for it. Here it is: -Jonathan

We played a game and there's these dice on the projector and if you click on the dice it rolls. We had click on all of them and add them up. -Ashten 

When we were doing the KidBlog, we each got to make up a password. You're not allowed to tell anybody except for the teacher. You had to have at least four letters and one number. It was super fun! -Matt D
Today for on the computer, for first and second recess, I KidBlogged until the recesses were over. But then for last recess it was outdoor recess so I couldn't blog. I'm going to blog when I get home. Here is a picture of the new background of our KidBlogs. -Cole

This week we did brains. First we outlined them with grey or white string. Then there was a lot of colours to pick from for the inside. I've only done one lobe and it was orange. -Karys
Before we did the brains we learned about how our body parts that the senses are connected to work and how they connect to the brain. After Ms. Clarke started on a brain. First she printed all these pictures of brains and then she stuck them to cardboard. Now we are sticking string on them. -Maddy
We learned all of the names of all of the lobes of our brain. They are Frontal Lobe, Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobe, Parietal Lobe, Cerebellum, and brain stem. Here is a picture of the brain: -Cali

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Paper Blogs

We started working on our paper blogs. We had to write something on our paper blogs that we are going to write on our kid blogs. -Jonathan

On our blogs, we got to choose one, two or three things to put on like YoWindow, a Kind button, or a globe. They are called gadgets and widgets. It was fun. On Monday we are going to go into the computer lab and we are going to type them onto a computer. Today we wrote some stuff about us. It was fun. -Cole

We had to choose a title for our post. The page title is where you write your name as a title and the blog title is Ms. Clarke's Class. -Dylan W

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!

We're back! Happy 2014 to all of our followers. The kids of Room 9 have already been hard at work in this new year. Here are some of the things we've been up to over the past three days.
-Ms. Clarke

We did science. We are learning about the 5 senses. We did already tongue, ear, eye, and hand. The senses that go with each of those are hear, sight, touch, and taste. We have nose tomorrow. -Dylan R

This week we have been learning about the five senses. We have looked at pictures of really gross things. The inside of your tongue was the grossest. Here are the pictures: -Gabby

We have to make all of the five senses really big and then Ms. Clarke stapled them to the board and it really hurt ;) I think everybody did a good job. -Cole

Yesterday we painted. Ms. Clarke cut out 2 0 1 4 and she taped them onto papers. Then she put out some paint and we painted around with different colours around the 2014. Then we let them dry and Ms. Clarke peeled the 2014 off. Then we put it up on our bulletin board. On Monday we made wands. We put our new year's resolutions on them as a reminder. Right now theyre on the bulletin board. After we are going to take them home. -Cali

We have a new student.... ME! I am Madeline. On my first day the first friend I made was Danika. The second was Grace. -Madeline